First Time Modeling with Zulily HQ

IMG_3120For those of you that don’t know, I’m a commercial print model with Seattle Artists Agency. I basically get gigs left and right with clothing companies, advertisements, brands etc. One of the main companies that I model for is Zulily. Zulily is an American e-commerce company located in Seattle! The company sells clothing, toys, home-goods, shoes, accessories and electronics all at such a great price! On the Zulily webiste, each day they upload new things, everyday changes, but the amazing deal prices stay the same!!! Super affordable!

The people I work with there are amazing, super friendly and just laid back and fun! All my photoshoots with Zulily are beyond a blast, every time I leave I can’t wait to come back. I’ve modeled clothing, accessories and shoes! My first time there, I was kind of scared, new place, new job, new people – the second I got there and went back on set, it was like a piece of cake and they made you feel like you belong and just comfortable. As a model, you show up clean faced, natural hair, ya know, shaved, manicured, pedicured all that fun stuff, and course, my favorite; YOU GET TO SHOW UP IN SWEATS.

IMG_3046When you arrive, you check in, and get sent to hair and makeup, from there, you go into your dressing room, where theres laid out outfits with accessories and shoes. Each outfit change is new hair and or makeup change. It all sounds easy,  yes I know. But it has its hard times. You gotta be prepared if you go outside and you only have one layer on and its like12 degrees, or when your shoes that you model dont fit, you have to make them fit. All that gets difficult especially if you’re like me and your eyes start to water because of the coldness and wind… next thing you know, it looks like you’re crying in your photos lol. I’m blessed to be able to model for such an amazing company and work with great people. I do recommend checking out their online website or APP! You’ll find great deals on pretty much anything. Great for birthday presents, wedding presents, XMAS presents! You can find all things home products – cookie cutters, kitchen organizers, anything!


xoxo patti rae


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