Ya Girl is Finally TWENTYONE

Oh boy.. I thought this day would never come, the day where I can go to my local QFC and buy myself a bottle of wine using my own ID because – did you guess it? IM TWENTY-ONE!! So I celebrate birthweek instead of birthday. Annoying yes I know. Do I care? No I don’t, if y’all wanna dedicate a whole week to yourself then DO SO. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! Look at the way my mom decorated my room the start of my birthweek ahha so cute!!


Let’s talk about my birthweek; I was one of the lucky ones who’s birthday landed on a FRIDAY whoop whoop 😛  I was born on April 28th, 1996. So to kick it off, on sunday, I had my family birthday party / birthday dinner was at my favorite mexican restaurant!! Monday unfortunately I spent it at work. LAME I know. Tuesday I treated myself with a shopping spree, who wouldn’t love that?! Wednesday, a few of the companies that I model for sent me a whole bunch of goodies for me to enjoy, boy did I sure feel spoiled! Also on that wednesday my life long friend Elizabeth (who’s also like my personal photographer lol) treated me with a birthday photoshoot up in downtown Tacoma!! That same night was also The Weeknd concert at the Key Arena in Seattle! I may have gotten a little tooo intoxicated and don’t remember much… but luckily I had my snapchat to record all things from the concert – whoopsieee. The concert was amazing from what I recall and saw on my phone lol, I got home around 2-3am that night… I had to be up by 7am the next day to do a five-hour drive to my favorite place; PULLMAN!! After 2 redbulls and a rockstar later, the road trip had begun, my friend Sara and I rode up together in my car. Everything was going great so far, meaning all my birthweek days so far have been amazing..


I SHOULDA KNOWN THAT IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Sara had to be back at WSU that day because she had a final presentation at 1:30pm on campus…. 4 hours pass by on our road trip, by this time it’s 12pm.. we’re driving, everything is going well then all of a sudden my dumb little POS car decided to BREAK DOWN on us. It wouldn’t start, the key wouldn’t turn, it smelt like gas and smoke, I know nothing about cars, I’m freaking out, Sara’s freaking out.. WE WERE STRANDED EXACTLY 50 MINUTES AWAY FROM PULLMAN basically in the middle of nowhere lol. Just our luck. We called AAA and got them sent our way… ONLY DOWNSIDE IS; the tow truck wasn’t going to arrive until 1:30PM. Exactly the time Sara had to be on campus 🙄 🤣 at this point, we’re both annoyed, we’re both hungry, we’re both tired because of the 4 hour sleep that we got, everything is just UGH at that point. The tow truck finally arrives – its 1:23pm. We hop in the tow truck as the guy tows up my car, one hour later, we made it to WSU. We leave my car at a mechanic shop and then CONTINUE ON WITH OUR DAY. I wasn’t going to this ruined my bday week honestly lol. Continuing on, it’s the day before my 21st birthday aka my 21 run aka THIRSTY-THURSDAY!!! Now this is a night I really don’t remember much of… long story short, we drank, we danced, I puked. Yay me! Luckily I had my boyfriend keeping an eye on me to make sure I didn’t die 🤣 We pre-gamed with all my friends until the clock turned midnight so that I could head to the bars and use MY REAL OFFICIAL ID! We made it, I drank drinks, I took shots, I drank more drinks, I took more shots… exactly what you’re supposed to do on your 21st amiright? I lasted pretty long.. long to the point where I made it all the way till closing time for the bars before I started puking! YAY ME. It was a great and memorable night! Eric and I went home, and I basically just went straight to bed and passed out asap. The next morning, ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I roll over in bed and see two big chocolate cupcakes saying “happy birthday” on them, and a HUGE bouquet of big balloons from my lovely boyfriend 💘 AND….. new makeup from sephora, steve madden slippers, a cocktail mixer and a book of 1500 alcoholic drink recipes + more and more presents….. ugh you could say I’m one lucky girl. Eric and I start the day, we get ready and we go straight to the DMV to get my new license and after, hit up EVERY single bar in pullman for me to get my free birthday shot and/or drink! Then Eric made us dinner reservations at Fujiyama, the new Japanese steakhouse restaurant that just recently opened up. Super super good food and got a yummy little birthday dessert! After that we go back home, and get ready for my birthday night. Yea you guess it – I don’t remember that night either. But it was fun! Saturday was recovery day and Eric and I just watched movies throughout the day but then yea we went out to the bars again that night – what can I say? HAPPY TO FINALLY BE 21!

xoxo patti rae

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