Go-To Pumpkin Patch Outfit

IMG_6961Pumpkin Patch season is back in action!!! I love going to multiple different pumpkin patches every single season! And I don’t just go for the pumpkins, I go for the food, hot cocoa, and? the instagram pictures duh! My absolute favorite easy go-to outfit for pumpkin patches is the typical sweater and hunter boots! I paired up a super cute sweater that I purchases at Forever 21 with some Lululemon black leggings and my plain black tall hunter boots! EASY ENOUGH AM I RIGHT!? I honestly purchase alllll my sweaters from Forever 21, theres always so so so many styles and colors to chose from at a great price that just can’t be beat! Lululemon leggings………. super expensive yes I know.. It hurts my bank account every time I purchase anything from that store.. But! I just can’t seem to stop… Their clothes are just soooo comfortable especially their yoga leggings, and they’re just so easy to pair them up with outfits! Moving onto Hunter Boots! I live in Washington… where it rains 80% of the year.. I am always in need of rain-boots so.. I have about 5 pairs of different color and styled hunter boots.. And you can’t go wrong with purchasing a pair! They’re super stylish and match just about anything! Super easy to just pair them up with any outfit (besides a fancy cocktail dress of course) And the best part? Hunter Boots lasts forever! Check out the links below to purchase this outfit!

xoxo  patti rae


Lululemon Yoga Leggings – In Black

Tall Hunter Boots – In Glossy Black

Oversized Sweater – In Pink (**note, sweater is out of stock on website, found one super similar to it!)


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