Experiencing the Sugar Factory

Who doesn’t love a good Sugar Rush??!!! A Sugar Factory has officially opened up in the City of Bellevue!! It is located at The Shops at the Bravern, which is a luxury landmark with retail shops including my favorite; Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tory Burch, Prada and Jimmy Choo + more! Sugar Factory has a variety of foods such as pancakes, burgers, crepes, pizza and even salads! They are known for their signature 36-ounce alcohol-infused smoking candy goblets (all of which are available without alcohol for the kids.) The goblets and.. I guess… the experience were the only reason why I wanted to make a trip to the Sugar Factory haha!

I have the biggest sweet tooth so of course I had to make a trip down to the Sugar Factory and fulfill my sweetness addiction… lol. I love myself a good deal, so I went online to find some coupons for the SF. And luckily enough I found a 50% for any of the Goblet drinks! (I will explain how and where to find this coupon below) Surprisingly these goblets were strong… very strong & I am not a light weight I swear lol.. But these drinks sure did get me pretty tipsy.. I don’t know if the bartender hooked me up with some extra alcohol or what but yes… They were soooo good! I tried the Raspberry Watermelon Mojito and the Lollipop Passion! Now for food… We ordered the Banana Split Waffles which came with 2 waffles topped with bananas, strawberries, chocolate sauce, hazelnut bits and a scoop of vanilla ice cream….. sounds like diabetes I know I know… And we also ordered a signature burger with fries.. unfortunately I don’t remember exactly what burger it was that we ordered 😦


Overall, The Sugar Factory was a fun experience, sadly.. the service we had here was not so great… We were there for about 2.5 hours due to a huge lack of service. Waited about 45-55 minutes for our food to come out and were checked on one time.. Food was not all that tasty. The drinks however, were perfect! 100% recommend coming here for the experience and the goblets and desserts! For me, it was a one time and done LOL.. Maybe I’ll come back with a group of friends just for some goblets! Click here to check out the menu!


Ok! To get 50% any of their goblet drinks, you must have a Yelp account, go onto the Yelp app and search “Sugar Factory” click one the one you are going too and scroll down to the “Info” tab, there you will see a check mark that allows you check in to receive 50% off any of their signature goblets! Once you do that, you will show your server/waiter and they will apply the coupon to your bill. The goblets are $40.. this coupon will bring it down to $20!!! Make a good use of it! Haha. Now… I do not know how long this promotion will be going on, but it doesn’t hurt to check before or once you are there. They might have a different promotion going on. Also be aware Sugar Factory rating is about 2.5-3 stars… Like I said, service and food wasn’t all that great, but it is a fun experience! 🙂

xoxo  patti rae


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