Christmas on Carnival Dream

What a better way to celebrate the Christmas Holiday by traveling the Caribbean!! 🌴 I was lucky enough to travel to New Orleans, Montego Bay Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico through Carnival Cruises!! This trip was in celebration of Eric graduating Washington State University with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering!! (he graduated on December 9th) Also in celebration of our 4 year anniversary! Read on to see what excursions we did and how we spent our time on the cruise ship!


My flight was super super early Saturday morning on December 16, traveled from Seattle, to N.O.L.A!!! I was so excited to explore New Orleans because I’ve never been there and I’ve always wanted to get a drink on Bourbon Street! Luckily, Bourbon Street was just 3 blocks away from our hotel, The Westin, now we only had that night to explore because we had to board our cruise Sunday morning, so we got a few drinks, saw the night life, had some dinner and went back to the hotel! Unfortunately it wasn’t Mardi Gras season but it was still packed with a lot of people walking and partying on Bourbon! Definitely going to get a group of my friends and plan out a fun trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras in the future!!



Our cruise ship was amazing! Since we went during the Christmas holidays the entire inside of the ship was all decked out in Christmas decorations, there was a huge Christmas tree right in the center of the lobby and that is the very first thing you see once you board the ship!! With all that, it definitely made it feel like holiday spirit! Now moving on, the package deal that we got was and 7 day cruise, three days on land, four days at sea! Our bedroom had one queen size bed, two bathrooms, a living/lounge area and a huge vanity! And of course, an amazing view of the water! We had breakfast, lunch and dinner all included. AND THE BEST PART???! We had a “Cheers” package. Basically a cheers package is a prepaid alllll inclusive bar pass, it allows you to get any cocktail, beer, tequila shots, literally whatever you want at any time! There was a total of 13 bars on this cruise ship.. let me tell ya… night one was really rough for me hahaha.. I learned my lesson after that one. There’s multiple things to do on the ship; mini golf, casino, waterslides, 10 hot-tubs, a spa…!!! They had everything! At night they had dance clubs, comedy shows, entertainment shows, movie night by the pool, honestly… I was never bored. There was always something fun to do!



First stop! Jamaicaaaaaa! I’ve always wanted to travel to Jamaica and I’m so thankful I finally had the opportunity to do so! There was multiple excursions you could do, the one we decided to do was a hike through this amazing waterfall! This place was called Dunn’s River Falls (click and it’ll take you straight to their website) This place is one of Jamaica’s national treasures, the view was unbelievable.. the water was so blue and clear! You get into groups and each group has a tour guide, he then guides you alll the way through! The other excursion we did in Jamaica was The Mystic Mountain Bobsled Tour! You get to ride through the Jamaican rainforest in a chair lift and bobsled on an attached track, the ride was about 25 minutes there and back. On the chair lift ride you have an amazing view of the ocean as you’re riding through the jungle! Once we got off the lift, we went straight to bob-sledding, it was so much fun being able to go through the jungle and seeing everything! I highly recommend doing this if you make a trip to Jamaica!!



Second stop, GRAND CAYMAN! This place was beautiful.. I mean of course? Its the Cayman Islands! Here, our excursion was: Swimming with the Dolphins AND Swimming with String Rays! We took a boat filled with about 30 people to get to a little cove out in the ocean, this cove was surrounded with about 100-200 sting rays! The water level wasn’t deep, to me, it was up to my belly button, and the water was crystal clear (so you can see all the string rays lol) We got to touch them and feed them baby squids! One sting ray hopped on me and gave my chest a hickey soooo that was unfortunate lol….. Moving on, we took the boat ride back to shore and went to the dolphin cove, here we got in groups of 10 and had some free time swimming with dolphins! Swimming with dolphins was such an amazing experience and I would so do it again and again if it was sooooo expensive lol! Also, unfortunately they do not allow cameras or go-pros:( The staff took pictures of you and at the end, you had the choice to view and purchase a picture that you liked and wanted. The bad thing is… The cheapest picture you could purchase was a 5×7 size pic for $40!!! Hell no, I passed that offer ahaha. After this, we had a couple more hours to spare before we had to get back on the ship, so we toured the little tourist spot near the port and saw a huge Margarita Ville! We decided to start there and get a few drinks and appetizers!



The last land stop we had was in MEXIICOOO! This was my absolute favorite out of the three stops only because I can speak the language and I fit right in LOL (; We woke up in mexico, got ready, and headed off the cruise ship. We docked off right on a tourist attraction place where there were so many little booth and stands of locals selling things like souvenirs, there was food, liquor stores.. it was a super cute place! Our excursion was a Party Boat (with a complimentary bar & bartender), water toys/games, and snorkeling on a reef! We got onto the boat with about 30 more people, and headed out to a beautiful reef, where we saw soooo many colorful fishies! After snorkeling, we went back onto the boat where the bartender made us margaritas!!! Everyyyyyone on the boat had sooo many margartias we were alll so drunk haha! I had about 5 before we finally got to our island destination, here, there was food and more margartias provided, there were so many blown up slides out in the water and so many water games that you could use/play! Can you imagine 30 + people all just super drunk off margs and trying to climb up the blown up water slides?? So hilarious honestly 😂😂😂 We had a long long day in Mexico and all of us were sooo tired.. But once we got back onto the cruise ship, we went to get more cocktails and spend the rest of the night drinking and using the hot tubs haha!

Although my flight back home to Seattle was day of Christmas Eve and I did not want to spend that day at an airport… this trip was beyond anything I could have ever imagined and more!! Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel were all super gorgeous places to visit and explore. Dressing up super fancy every night for dinner, and always having something fun to do! I highly recommend traveling with Carnival Cruises, the staff was incredibly nice and caring, there was never something to complain about. If you have any questions on what package deal I got or anything else, email me or leave me a comment and I’d be happy to get back to you with a response! 🙂 Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


p.s. all you PNWesterners, aren’t you happy we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year?!?!? Perfection!!! ❄️☃️🎅🏼🎄

xoxo  patti rae


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