Washington Wine Country

IMG_2366-1This weekend I drove up to Richland, Washington for some wine tasting! Never have I been wine tasting before, and let me tell yaaaa… I was drunk drunk by 1pm.. I woke up with such a hangover!! 104 degree weather, such a beautiful beautiful place to go and explore! The weather on the other hand.. crazy insane!! I went up to Richland Friday and stayed until Sunday, we dedicated Saturday just for a full wine tasting day, we went to 4 different Winery’s; the first one, “Tagaris Winery & Taverna Tagaris” this place was incredible! It was beyond gorgeous with big big french wooden doors for the entrance, you walk in, and you see high ceilings, low lighting with a modern fancy feel, big windows and doors leading to the outside patio where there is a HUGE fountain and a lot of seating! We stayed inside due to the 100000 degree weather lol. Ok off to start our first wine tasting, at this place, it was 4oz pours of 6 different wines of your choice for $7! AND it was refundable with a purchase of a bottle.. IT was a DEAL. I ended up leaving with 2 bottles! Second winery we went to was “Barnard Griffin” this place was right next to the first winery, it has a beautiful gazebo in the front, and a nice shaded patio! Here it was a $10 tasting fee waived upon purchase. We got to try 8 3oz tastings! I ended up purchasing 1 bottle from this place! FullSizeRender-29The third winery I went to was “BookWalter” this place was huge!! Super high ceilings, white christmas lights hanging around everywhere, and we were surrounded by barrels and barrels of wine! We were the only customers there so we made very good friends with the guy giving us the wine taste.. haha we come to find out he was the manager, he ended up giving us glass after glass after glass.. as well us letting us try the really expensive wines that are about $130-$200 per bottle..  by this point I was really really drunk haha! I ended up purchasing 2 $60 wine bottles of merlot! I don’t even like MERLOT…. lol. Moving on to our last winery, “Terra Blanca” this was my absolute favorite out of the 4, it was like a my IDEAL wedding venue dreams!!! They had the best sunset view, you could see the vineries in the distance it was gorgeous! We ended up having the yummiest dinner there and enjoy a nice whole bottle of wine and doing the last wine taste, $7 for 5 6oz tasting with a refund if you buy a bottle. So I ended up coming home with 6 different bottles of wine.. haha.. my bank account wasn’t too happy about that lol.. Okaaay to end this blog, I highly recommend coming to do a fun wine tasting day at these wineries (I will link them below!) They all have really good deals and like I said, each one was beautiful with a crazy nice view! Oh and yes….. I had a really bad hangover the next morning that was nottttt fun to deal with lol 🙂

xoxo patti rae


1st Winery: Tagaris Winery | http://www.tagariswines.com/

2nd Winery: Barnard Griffin | http://barnardgriffin.com/

3rd Winery: BookWalter | https://www.bookwalterwines.com/

4th Winery: Terra Blanca | http://www.terrablanca.com/

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