Denim on Denim

My favorite late summer outfits has been denim paired with more denim! I love the way it looks with different shades of blue! I don’t know why but I have an obsession with jean jackets, and if I see a really cute one, I’ll buy it immediately.. And now? I’m stuck with about 8 jean jackets that I rarely wear… lol. At least with jean jackets, they’re all super stylish to just throw on to complete an outfit! I purchase just about all my shorts and jeans at either Nordstroms or Nordy’s Rack! Sometimes I buy a pair or two of jeans at Hollister Co because they have really good material and are always super cute! Also Hollister is about the only store that actually carries jeans that fit me like a glove lol (well besides Nordys!) I pair up the outfits with a solid black or white top or a lace bralette just like the pictures below! My favorite place to buy solid tops and bralettes are definitely Forever 21 or from Pretty Little thing!


As for shoes, if I’m just going out to run errands, or out shopping I pair these outfits with either some vans, steve madden slip-ons or my superstar adidas! Now if I’m going out on a lunch date or some place a little more on the dressy side, I pair it up with some pointed-toe pumps! I either do a plain white or nude color pump, or throw on some crazy print or color pump like leopard print!! These make this easy outfit looks super super chic!



A few of my inspirations outfits with pairing up denim on denim are pictured below!


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