Cheap Sport Event Tickets?!

I love myself a good bargain!! Anywhere where I can find myself a good 40% off or more, I am there! Especially when it comes to sport events in my area! With the GameTime App, they offer up 70% off on any MLB, NFL or any other sports tickets! I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now, and I’ve never had an issue, and in my opinion, it is way safer than purchasing tickets through Craigslist and such. In these last 4 years I have only purchased tickets to Seattle Seahawk games, Mariner Baseball games and lastly, WSU Cougar Football! Why would you want to spend the full ticket price amount through TicketMaster or StubHub when you get a huge discounted deal through GameTime!?? Like come onnnn!


This app also allows you, not only to buy but to sell tickets as well! My favorite thing about GameTime (beside the huge discounted tickets) is that this app allows you to see the view you would have from your seat before you purchase the tickets!! Also, you’d never have to print the tickets you purchase, you show up to the event and pull them up with your app! My experience purchasing through game time has been such a time and money saver!! Best thing is that I’ve bought so so so many baseball game tickets all for under $15 each… I purchase a cheap ticket & go sit somewhere thats empty that has a way better view! Baseball never sells out anyways so theres always a seat thats way closer to the field!

Recently I just purchased my first WSU Cougar Football tickets through this app, I say first because outta the last 4.5 years I’ve been sitting in the student section so my tickets come through the school. My seats were perfect and I purchased two tickets for $11 each… ELEVEN DOLLARS….  I mean now that is a good deal! 🤩 #AD xoxo  patti rae




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