Steve Madden Shoot


steve-madden_037e4323-ca6e-43cf-b140-201ee28db5e2I was beyond honored to get an opportunity to model for one of my absolute favorite brands ever; Steve Madden!!!!! I’ve always had a passion for fashion, and getting to model a brand that I love was an amazing experience!!! You’d be amazed of how many Steve Madden shoes, purses, etc I own… especially SM shoes.. They’re the cutest!!!!

I did a Steve Madden Catalog Campaign Photoshoot with my favorite company to model for, Zulily! The shoot was crazy fun! Showed up in my sweat pants and t-shirt, fresh cleaned hair and face, signed in, and went straight to hair and makeup! After hair and makeup, I went straight to set and my dressing room. My stylist and FullSizeRender-5photographer then informed that my photoshoot was going to be taken place outside in the middle of Pioneer Square! YAY.. but then, the “but” came.. I was set to model 17 different outfit changes.. outfits were: Steve Madden trench coats, turtle necks, long sleeves, beanies and pants.. in 92 DEGREE WEATHER… no big deal I guess….

Moving along, we did my first outfit change in my dressing room on set, from there we went straight outside to call an Uber to take us down to pioneer square, we had to bring a 4th person to carry all my outfits and accessories in a wagon lol.. There was a shit ton of stuff lol! As for the rest of my 16 different outfit changes, I had to change in the middle of the street in a foldable tube tent lol, I was sweating my booty off with this intense Seattle heat!! I had to do constant makeup touch-ups because my makeup kept running off my face… ahha. After we did the first half of outfits, my crew and I decided to go grab a bite to eat for lunch! We walked across pioneer square to Casco Antiguo, which is my absolute favorite mexican restaurant, (yes we had to  bring all my outfits and accessories along for the ride lol) we ended up staying there for a little longer than expected and then finally decided to get back to work. We ended up finishing a few more outfits shoots in Downtown and the rest of the shoots down by the pier! I ended up finishing a couple hours earlier than I was scheduled for, which in my eyes was perfect timing because I DID NOT want to drive home from Seattle during 5 o’clock traffic hour soooo lucky me I didn’t have to go through that!! 😄

The Steve Madden fall/ winter collection will be out on Zulily from the start of September through the holiday season or until supplies last! And you can purchase any of the super cute trench coats online at for an amazing affordable price! You will be able to browse different styles and colors! I hope you loves enjoyed this blog post! I can’t wait to further my modeling career with more of my favorite brands! God is so GOOD!


xoxo  patti rae



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