Oktoberfest 2018

If you’ve never been to Oktoberfest in Leavenworth I have to say, it. is. AMAZING. Probably doesn’t beat Oktoberfest in Germany but, if you live in the PNW then you should make your way over to Leavenworth, WA ❤️ Oktoberfest runs each Friday and Saturday for the first 3 weekends in October. Leavenworth is honestly like a mini Bavarian paradise!! lol Everyone is dressed in a picture perfect Bavarian outfit, everything is decorated to make it feel like you’re in Germany! You can choose from a crazy selection of beer and food, there is also a wide variety of ciders and wines that you can chose from (for those of you that don’t like beer like me…) Ciders were my go to during my visit (because I hate beer lol)!! There is no better time to visit Leavenworth then the fall (well besides during the holidays……but that’s a REALLY cold time to visit) During Oktoberfest the town comes alive with celebrations, German beers and food so I’ve put together my favorite places that I went to during my little getaway visit!

THE HOTEL – BFF Kaitlyn and I stayed two nights at the Icicle Village Resort which is just about a two minute drive to get to downtown and let me tell ya… this place was absolutely gorgeous and super super cozy! Our room was a suite, which included: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living space area and a small balcony!! This place has such a cozy cabin feel, great mountain views, and as an added plus, we had a fireplace (that we didn’t use but still lol) I suggest booking way in advance because this place sure does fill up asap! Also comes with a complimentary shuttle if you chose not to walk or drive to downtown! Parking is very limited downtown so I highly recommend walking or taking a shuttle!


LEAVENWORTH CIDER HOUSE – Like I said before, I don’t like beer, so I avoid drinking that as much as I can, but Ciders on the other hand I love!!!!!! The Cider House was beyond my favorite place, this spot had 28 thoughtfully selected ciders on tap! The variety selection features local, regional, national and international brands! My whole two days in Leavenworth I probably spent majority of the time at the Cider House!! The employees working here were sooo friendly, you could tell they really cared about their customers satisfaction!! And this place also has a great food selection, I recommend getting the big Pretzel they have on the menu to munch on while you drink!!🥨 Since they have such a huge variety of ciders to choose from, you should definitely take advantage of the cider sample tray they have! You get a list of all the ciders + a description of what each one tastes like and you get to chose 5 ciders that you’d like to try!!! Prices of the tray will vary on which ciders you choose 🙂 Definitely going to go back to The Cider House when I come back to Leavenworth 🍻 HAPPPYYY OKTOBERFEST

xoxo  patti rae






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