Hey hi helllooo, welcome to my millennial life.. I’m Patti Rae!! Yes I have TWO first names.. and no I am not from the south lol.. I go by Pat, P or Patti Rae. I’m mixed with Mexican and Columbian, a Mexi-Lombiana! I’m just a fun millennial living her highs and her lows day by day, each day with a positive mind set!! – WELCOME TO MY BLOG ♥


Get to know me a bit more with some fun little facts:


I’m 23 years old and 5’2”… short I know, I think I stopped growing in like 8th grade or something lol. Completely obsessed with pineapples and mexican bottled coca-cola so so so good! I have 4 tattoos, one on each ankle, one on my left wrist and the last one is on the back of my neck! One of my ankle tattoos is actually of a pineapple.. lol when I say obsessed I AIN’T EXAGGERATING. Pineapples… are like my fav thing in the world, I eat / drink pineapple at least once a day.. and when I go shopping and see something with a pineapple on it I just can’t help myself and have to buy it! I love going to happy hours with my friends and lovveee watching the sunsets! Online shopping is my specialty, I just can’t seem to stop online shopping… Anything that has to do with creativity, videography, design or writing I love.  I have a deep deep love for my school, Washington State University.. Go Cougs!! Also a big Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks fan!! I was raised as a tom boy so sports are a very big part of my life. Once I hit age 15, I turned into a girly girl on the outside and a tomboy on the inside (still very much am lol) Some other things I am passionate about is giving back to my community, spreading kindness in any way I can, and volunteering at my local children hospitals!! I’m the oldest of two siblings; Erick who is my 16 year old brother, and Marissa who is my 4 year old sister… lol yes BIG gap difference haha. I was born and reside in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest in the Seattle area! Jesus is my savior, I thank God every single day for blessing me with such a great life. Living every day with my energy on 10+

I hope you all enjoy me sharing my lifestyle, cooking, shopping habits, travel guide, DIY’s, relationship and life advice on my crazy day by day millennial life!!

xoxo  P🍍

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